-SABAAI Collection Tailim, Baanlaesaun Fair Mid Year 2024–Bangkok, Thailand
-Tailim x Nuclistudio, Baanlaesaun Fair Select 2024–Bangkok, Thailand

-Tailim Selected  Amarin Expo (QSNCC) 2023–Bangkok, Thailand
-Loom, Lasunya x Nuclistudio, Architect Expo 2023–Bangkok, Thailand
-Tailim x Nuclistudio, Baanlaesaun Fair Select 2023–Bangkok, Thailand
-Punnawithi Collection, Design Plant, TCDC BKKDW 2023–Bangkok, Thailand
-Luxury Nomad Memories, CIDI x Lasunya, TCDC BKKDW 2023–Bangkok, Thailand

-Doric Collection In de Room Baanlaesaun Fair 2022–Bangkok, Thailand
-Tailim Selected Zone, Baanlaesaun Fair Select 2022–Bangkok, Thailand
-Rail Travel, Better Together Room Magazine Select 2022–Bangkok, Thailand
-Rail Travel, Design Plant, TCDC BKKDW 2022–Bangkok, Thailand
-Tailim Selected Zone, Baanlaesaun Fair Select 2021–Bangkok, Thailand
-Bangsaen, Design Plant, Gallery ATT19 BKKDW–Bangkok, Thailand
-Rail stool to Sabaai Shelf, Bangkok Craft 2020, BITEC –Bangkok, Thailand
- Sabaai Collection, Baanlaesuan Mid-Year BITEC – Bangkok, Thailand
- Nuclistudio X Tailim, Baanlaesuan IMPACT Exhibition Center –Bangkok, Thailand
- “STRANGER” Bangkok Design TCDC Post Office –Bangkok, Thailand
-Rail and Arch, Design Plant Wear house 30 BKKDW–Bangkok, Thailand
- Arch and Rail Stool case study, Chiang Mai Design Week TCDC –Chiang Mai, Thailand
- Sabaai and 45 Collection, Baanlaesuan Mid-Year IMPACT Exhibition Center –Bangkok, Thailand
-Rail, Baanlaesuan Fair Queen Sirikit National Convention Center –Bangkok, Thailand
-Sweet Box “Design Instinct” Bangkok Design Week at Marine Police Lodging –Bangkok, Thailand
-Rings “Opposite Match” Bangkok Design Week at Grand Hall TCDC –Bangkok, Thailand
-Reflection cabinet, Baanlaesuan  BITEC –Bangkok, Thailand
-Rail collection, Baanlaesuan Fair ––Bangkok, Thailand
-Rail by Daniel Martinez at EM Quartier Waterfall –Bangkok, Thailand
-Thai Souvenir, CIDI x Eggwhite at TIFF –Bangkok, Thailand
-Chao Phraya, Design Plant “Bangkok Objects” at Wearhouse n1 during BKKDW–Bangkok, Thailand
-Liberta Bangkok, Thai Denim Designers at SIAM Paragon–Bangkok, Thailand
-Liberta Bangkok, Butterfly City Collection at Baanlaesuan –Bangkok, Thailand
-Whoop, Reflection at Demark Award at SIAM Paragon –Bangkok, Thailand
-Whoop, Reflection by nuclistudio at TIFF –Bangkok, Thailand
-Swarovski, THE NATURE OF US, by D.J.K. at JW Mariott–Bangkok, Thailand
-Millimatter WALL PROJECT, curated by THINKK Studio –Bangkok, Thailand
-Collision at ASA Fair, collaboration with PANEL PLUS- Bangkok, Thailand
-Have a seat, Chanapatana at TIFF –Bangkok, Thailand
-Animals by ONGA, Guangzhou Lighting Fair –Guangzhou, China
-Graduation Journey at DSK International School –Pune, India
-Diana launching & Presentation for Balliu at Hostelco –Barcelona, Spain
- Another Perspective2 Another by COTTO" Design Milan Week at Ventura Lambrate, –Milan, Italy
- T S R R J D -" Another Perspective curated by COTTO" Design Milan Week at Ventura Lambrate, –Milan, Italy
-Concours FLY, Designer’s Day –Paris, France
-Copenhagen Fashion Week, Exposition CROSS collection & Kopenhagen Fur –Copenhagen, Denmark
-Les 170 ans du verre Harcourt de Baccarat. Exposition à la Galerie Musée Baccarat –Paris, France
-Prix Émile Hermès Exposition Les Arts Décoratifs, salon des Boiseries –Paris, France
-ECAL / Baccarat  Lausanne Palace & SPA Exposition Lausanne Palace & SPA –Lausanne, Switzerland
-ECAL MAS Design & the luxury industry Partnerships with Bernardaud, Baccarat, Audemars Piguet and Christofle –Lausanne, Switzerland
-Christofle & ECAL, Designer’s Day Pavillon Royale –Paris, France
- Baccarat & ECAL, Fair Milan 170th Anniversary Harcourt Glass, Via Spiga Milano –Milan, Italy
-Prizes GIDI, Selection best products 2009 Beatme –Girona, Spain
-Sex & Point , Limited edition furniture –Barcelona, Spain
-Fira Creativa, Limited edition furniture –Barcelona, Spain
-Brull chair & Nuclistudio, Fira de Girona –Girona, Spain
-Stand Verges & Brull chair, Hostelco –Barcelona, Spain
-Creativitat Industrial History of Design in Girona Architecture School Showroom –Girona & Olot, Spain
 -Salone Del Mobile, Bombay Sapphire World Glass Competition Winners, Via Tortona –Milan, Itlay
-ADI-FAD, Finalist 5th Bombay Sapphire Competition – Barcelona, Spain
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